Food & Bakery

Bread is life and life must be respected...

The story of our professional past goes back to 1995, when we started fundamentally dealing and service of oven, and confectionery machines...

Today & Future

Today, besides maintaining traditions,

we have evolved into one of the largest professional experience in Central Europe, which offers one of the most widest products in the industry. Our commitment to the baker and confectionery profession is constant and indispensable, which the food sector thanks to with its trust.

Our goal is to provide a widest possible spectrum for gastronomic plants, including either a craft bakery or a larger-scale automated bakery plant to strengthen the values that will highlight your business.

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and place the craft of bread making on a new, innovative foundation!

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Bread & Our Credo

There is something very special about making bread

that may be difficult to explain, you just need to try and experience the feeling that the process gives. When we see the dough swollen, then blush in the oven, and when we hear the crack and feel the softness of the gut with our fingers, we only live for the moment. Inside, we feel that we are re -connected to something ancient that has a place in our daily lives, and the sincere gratitude for being in possession of this knowledge.

We believe that with the premium quality machines we sell, we can produce the basic sources of life in all circumstances, at an exceptional standard!